We are MyEasy3D, a modular print service platform.


MyEasy3D is an e-commerce platform for 3D printing services. With our innovative modulair platform and applications we offer powerful 3D printing solutions for B2B and B2C markets. With our full set of API’s for third party front-end applications we offer the best e-commerce experience for 3D printing.

MyEasy3D includes the following 3D specific and unique features:
Automated upload feature of 3d objects
Advanced checking of uploaded 3d objects
Create store module
Customizable Pricing module for print materials
Advanced print production facility features
Full administration functionality
Wide choice in 3D printing materials
Intellectual Property Management module

About us

MyEasy3D believes 3D-printing is the innovation of the future, for production, consumer and business. We also believe that every innovation needs a great infrastructure to provide and to grow. With a strong, adaptable and modular platform we provide such a turn-key infrastructure, that encompasses the needs of the entire process. From designer to consumer.


Our Heritage

Originally initiated by Staples, MyEasy3D since began it’s own journey providing solutions for 3D-printing businesses. With our modular platform we provide adaptive extendable software to Businesses and Consumers world wide.

MyEasy3D is now run by a dedicated team from The Netherlands. Initialy designed for Staples we deliver turn-key infrastructure solutions for online 3D print services to various companies. Have a look at 3dprint.myeasy3d.com.


Who we are
2cca432 Oscar Pakasi
bartel_1288086094_2 Bartel Scheers

Product details

MyEasy3D is solely focused on providing 3D-business concepts and solutions to a wide variety of B2B and B2C customers. The core of the MyEasy3D value proposition is its advanced 3D-print service and e-commerce infrastructure. The business concept of MyEasy3D is based on the maximising the possible revenue streams in an online 3D-print service environment.

While MyEasy3D is a modulair and extensive platform that can serve a full range of needs, the following features represent the core of the product.

The product Myeasy3D is an e-commerce platform for 3D-printing services, offering a full set of API’s for third party front-end applications and contains the following features
The platform contains modular features


Myeasy3D @ Utopia

Myeasy3D create the TV action heroes Utopia in The Netherlands

utopia-myeasy3d photobooth
Myeasy3D at Museum voor communicatie, The Haque

MYEASY3D participates at 3D exhibition at Museum voor Communicatie, The Hague with MCOR IRIS 3D paper printed 3D models

MyEasy3D and MCOR IRIS full colour 3D paper printer

MyEasy3D created the first 3D print service for Staples based on the MCOR IRIS, the 3D paper based full color…

MyEasy3D reveals the online business model for Staples

Together with Berenschot, MyEasy3D has published the Online Business Model for Staples in the comprehensive book “Succesful Business Models for…

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 14.28.50
MyEasy3D in-store scan and print solution for Mediamarkt

As of late MyEasy3D has provided German consumer electronics store Media Markt with an in-store 3D-print solution in Dutch stores….

Lying at 24 layers per second

What do James Bond’s car, Thor’s hammer and Iron Man’s suit have in common? All of these iconic movie objects…

Skyfall Aston Martin
Printing a helping hand

A particularly inspiring movement has been gaining momentum in the world of DIY 3D printing. Engineers, mechanics, hobbyists and science…

Scanning in 3D

3D-printing is great, the technology makes home production available to consumers around the world. But while the innovation is getting cheaper,…

3D-printing legal issues

Copyrights and 3D-printing. These terms have both been in heavy debate for the last few years and they have more…

TV LAB Award: The making of

The TV Lab Award is the figure that was printed with a 3d-printer in the first episode. How was he made?…



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